A peckish postman has apologized to a Town of Mount Royal woman after he was caught on camera snacking on fruit from her hanging plant.

Paula Habib was surprised to discover footage on her surveillance camera showing her Canada Post mail carrier chowing down on several of her tomatoes and her neighbour’s strawberries on at least three occasions.

Habib received a letter and a package in the mail this week offering an apology and restitution.

“Dear Ms. Habib, I am writing to apologize to you to about the recent incident that took place at your address,” the letter read.

Canada Post said the employee was spoken to and will not face any disciplinary action.

Habib said that’s fair – she never wanted to get the mailman fired; all she wanted was an apology and maybe a replacement for the pilfered fruits of her labour.

The postal worker did just that – sending her a container of tomatoes as way of apology.

Habib says she put up the cameras after hearing stories of Amazon packages being stolen and was shocked to see her own mailman munching away.

“It's a lesson that we can all learn. At the end of the day it's someone stealing from your personal property and it's not right,” said Habib, who said she’s happy with the way Canada Post handled the situation.

“I'm not here to have him lose his job. I know he's hardworking and I just feel like it wasn't right.

As for the produce, Habib plans to make a tomato salad.