With a smile and a wave, Justin Trudeau greeted the crowd at a campaign rally in Montreal Friday morning.

The audience members were bused in from his Papineau riding, where he may be in for a tough fight against NDP candidate Anne Lagace Dowson.

An internal CROP poll commissioned by the NDP surfaced Thursday and it put Lagace Dowson 11 percentage points ahead of Trudeau. She garnered 46 per cent support compared to 35 per cent for Trudeau, but that poll was based on responses from just 375 voters.

Some say the results aren’t credible, partly because it was commissioned by the NDP and leaked to the media.

There was a small sample size and a large margin of error, which prompted leaving the liberals to question the poll's methodology, suggesting the numbers showed discrepancies that favour the NDP.

But a Mainstreet/Postmedia poll released Friday came to another conclusion – it gives Trudeau a slim advantage of five percentage points with a sample size twice as large as the first poll.

“There are a lot of people who feel taken for granted, I hear that a lot in both French and English. There is huge momentum for NDP. We can win Papineau,” Lagace Dowson said.

Questioned about the poll that has the NDP on top during his Montreal stop, Trudeau came out swinging.

“I look forward to hearing what happens as the NDP candidate in Papineau goes door to door and tried to explain that the NDP isn't going to help anyone now, but if you vote for Mr. Mulcair two or three more times, he might be able to do it. That's not what people in Papineau need,” he said.

Analyst Antonia Maioni says the NDP has a strategic advantage.

“Papineau is a riding that has not always been Liberal, so it's a riding that could in effect go to another party and what we're seeing I think is the collapse of the Bloc vote. So as Bloc Quebecois supporters search for where to put their vote, they're more likely to vote for the NDP than they are to vote for the Liberal Party and especially for Justin Trudeau,” she said.

And so with one month left to go in the campaign, it appears Trudeau may need to spend more time in his riding than he had originally planned.