Transportation Minister Jacques Daoust says if Uber wants to work on a pilot project, it's only got a few days to present its ideas.

He said two issues are non-negotiable: Uber drivers will need to have Class C driver's licences, and they will need a taxi permit.

Daoust laid down the law on Friday as he reiterated that he wants to pass legislation concerning new regulations for Uber and taxis by the end of the spring session of the National Assembly.

In a statement, the opposition Coalition Avenir Quebec called on Liberal MNAs to dissent on the bill. CAQ House Leader Francois Bonnardel said he has detected some unhappiness within the Liberal ranks over the party's Uber stance.

"Philippe Couillard will not be able to hide the discontent much longer," he said. "I think it's time for the dissenters to get up and perform their parliamentary work freely."

After Daoust tabled his legislaton, Uber, which is worth an estimated US$62 billion, proposed giving Quebec $100,000 and increasing taxes on all rides to create a supplementary fund for the SAAQ.

Daoust said Uber should look at what Teo Taxi has arranged.

That company arranged to purchase taxi medallions and created a fleet of cars operated by employees who all have Class C licences.

Benoit Jugand said on Friday that he was happy with Daoust's proposal.

"We've been saying this for the past year and a half, that Uber has been operating illegally," said the spokesperson for Montreal taxi drivers.

"What we find a little ironic in all this is Uber's response... that it's negotiating with the government instead of simply obeying the law."