The Town of Mount Royal wants a new design for its light rail train station -- including a new tunnel right through the town.

About 60 trains pull into Mount Royal station every day right now, but that number is expected to increase dramatically once the light rail train (REM) is built.

“Maybe in a few years, we'll be at 700 trains. I don't know,” said TMR Mayor Philippe Roy.

Trains will pick up commuters every few minutes and three lines – up from the current two – will pass through town.

The town has proposed a new design to the Caisse de depot that involves a tunnel that would reduce sound and so residents won't have to see so many trains.

“I think it's zero cost because the Caisse de depot will save a lot of money not building the sound barrier, sound wall, that they want to build,” said Roy.

In a statement, the Caisse said it's still discussing the situation with the town and is committed to delivering the project on time and budget while ensuring it is well integrated into the community.

The tunnel TMR is promoting would connect to the 100-year-old Mount Royal Tunnel, creating, in all, an extension of nearly two kilometres.

“We have a unique opportunity to gain all that land. It's huge land that you can do something about,” said Roy.

The new train line is expected to be completed by 2023.