Long summer nights in The Village will stretch even later into the evening this season.

Terrasses in the lively Montreal neighbourhood can now stay open until 3 a.m. on weekends.

The Village's Société de développement commercial (S.D.C.), which represents 255 businesses, says the area is a world-renowned LGBTQ2S+ destination for travellers, who will be able to make more out of the season.

"Montreal has such beautiful summers. It stays warm all night. There's no need to close up early, and we're very respectful of our neighbours, so we try to make sure that we keep the noise limited to something very reasonable," said Frances Gaudreault, president of the S.D.C.

The move may be great for businesses, but a nuisance for residents, says one bar owner.

"It's a party area, The Village, it's a kilometre of bars and restaurants and terrasses, a lot of tourists," said Danny Jobin, owner of Le Date Karaoke Bar. "I think they need to work on the law about the noise."

Gaudreault assures there will be rules around noise, adding, "...the intent is not to have a full street party until 3 a.m. but for people to enjoy the patios."

In addition to weekends, patios in The Village will also stay open until 3 a.m. every night during the Pride Festival in August.

Sainte-Catherine Street in The Village, lined with bars and restaurants, is closed to cars this spring and summer.