MONTREAL -- As the COVID-19 infection numbers continue to increase, most Montrealers at the epicentre of the pandemic are not on board with sending children back to school May 18, according to a new survey from the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) and the Association for Canadians Studies (ACS).

The study, conducted May 1 to 6 online, found that of the 1,638 people surveyed, 40 per cent had no intention of sending their kids back to classes for the end of the school year.

In Montreal the number was higher (45 per cent) than outside of the city (22 per cent), and English speakers (52 per cent) and allophones (57 per cent) felt particularly strong against sending children back into the classroom.

The top answer to why parents are against sending their children back to class was, predictably, that it was “too dangerous/not worth the risk.”

Other reasons included fears of bringing the virus home, risk of infection and that a return to school is not necessary as it’s too late in the year.

The survey also found that most Quebec parents (52 per cent) agree that the COVID-19 crisis is having a “serious impact on their children’s education.”

Parents, according to the survey, have been more involved in their children’s education over the course of the pandemic with 60 per cent saying they are ensuring their kids are doing their homework and 67 per cent saying they are helping out.