51 different organizations in Quebec have banded together to insist Premier Pauline Marois call a public inquiry into police conduct.

Student organizations, unions, and others say the behavior of police during the student protests last spring, and during events dating back to November 2011, was often reprehensible.

The groups, including Amnesty International, the Civil rights league of Quebec, professors from University of Montreal and UQAM, say police often intimidated protesters, and have compiled a list of 3,418 people arrested, including details of multiple protesters allegedly injured by officers.

Martine Desjardins, president of the university student group FEUQ, said she expects that Marois should be sympathetic to their cause.

"We know that the premier is very sensible to the red square [movement] and demonstration because she's been wearing one," said Desjardins.

"We think that right now because we are 51 organizations, and we are asking over and over to have a real investigation, she won't have a choice but to listen."

The coalition said the province needs an inquiry to prevent further clashes between police and protesters, because they are certain there will be more protests in the future.

They also point out that even the Parti Quebecois has demanded an inquiry into the riot in Victoriaville this past spring.

The next protest in support of the student movement is scheduled to take place in Montreal on Nov. 22, 2012.