MONTREAL -- A board game dealing with the rise of fascism, called "Secret Hitler," has been pulled from toy store shelves because of complaints.

The game pits liberals against fascists, and one player takes the role of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.

The goal of the game is to stop the fascists from winning, but the use of Hitler's name has been controversial since the product hit store shelves a few years ago.

Jewish advocacy group B'nai Brith B'nai B'rith told CTV News it had received a "firestorm" of complaints about the game after it was seen on the shelves at a Montreal toy store.

"Paraphernalia that depicts Hitler or has the Hitler name is always a sensitive issue in the Jewish community, especially with holocaust survivors and families and with growing antisemitism," said Harvey Levine, Quebec regional director for B'nai Brith Canada.

The game, however, is still available online, on Amazon.

In a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, one of the game's creators explained that he is Jewish and has Holocaust survivors in his family.

He said he's terrified about the rise of neo-fascism, and the purpose of the game is to teach people about fascism by remembering a dark chapter in human history.