Ghosts and witches could be taking to the skies tonight as strong winds blow through southern Quebec.

Wind gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour are expected to hit the province Monday night, and could easily pick up and toss loosely secured Halloween decorations. Winds have been reported at 40 kilometres per hour.

The strong winds have cancelled dozens of flights in and out of Trudeau Airport.

About 80 flights to locations like Boston, New Jersey, New York, Toronto and Halifax had been cancelled, with about 80 incoming flights cancelled as well.

Travellers said that, for the most part, airlines had been helpful in rebooking flights, but that in several cases they only received notice of cancellations after leaving home and arriving at the airport. Trudeau airport recommens

Flights are expected to resume Tuesday.

Wind warnings are in effect for Monday night along the St. Lawrence Valley, with the strongest winds being between Montreal and Quebec City.

Officials are asking people to be vigilant: tie down or take in lawn furniture, garbage cans and recycling bins that could be tossed in the wind.

Hydro Quebec said it is keeping a close eye on the storm and is on standby in case of power outages.

The electric company said people should ideally restrict their power usage to assist the network.

"Unplug your appliances that are not crucial for your daily life. Unplug also electronic systems, and make sure not to overburden the electrical system when power is restored, so that means turn off the lights and keep only one light on outside and inside the house," said Yvan Cliche from Hydro Quebec.

Hydro Quebec reported 31,436 across Quebec, including 2,895 in Montreal, 10,517 in Lanaudiere and 9,332 in the Laurentians.

Both the Montreal fire department and the police department reported no major incidents.

The windy weather will continue on Tuesday, with sustained gusts of 70 kilometres per hour. That could bring down power lines in multiple areas in southern Quebec.

Hurricane Sandy will also bring warm rain with 20 to 40 millimetres in the forecast from Monday evening through Wednesday.