MONTREAL -- Lawyers representing Montreal's Hasidic community were in court on Monday seeking an injunction against Quebec's ban on gatherings in places of worship.

In their request, the Quebec Council of Hasidic Jews asked that the province permit 10 people per room in synagogues, rather than 10 people in an entire building.

The council, which represents 5,000 families, said that in the synagogues, each room has a separate entrance and exit and that rules on social distancing and mask wearing are respected.

The lawyers also pointed to other examples in Montreal where more than 10 people are permitted to enter a building.

But lawyers representing the province said the rules on 10 people per place of worship were put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic worsening in Quebec in recent months.

The case comes after several incidents where more than 10 people were found in synagogues. Numerous fines were issued, but city officials apologized to the community, acknowleding that rules had changed multiple times in a matter of days.

The judge in the case is expected to render a ruling before the end of the week.