The launch of Montreal's light-rail train line is once again being delayed.

The REM, initially set to get moving this spring, is now expected to launch this summer, officials said Thursday.

Pierre Barrieau, who works in urban planning, says the trains must undergo testing before commuters climb aboard, but that hasn't started yet.

The testing process requires the trains to run 20 hours a day for ten straight days. After that, Barrieau says it will take 30 days for Ottawa to provide final authorization.

"We know, just looking outside, we see that trains aren't running every two and a half minutes in rush hour. You know they haven't started that testing," he said.

The good news, says Barrieau, is that the latest issues are relatively minor, such as jammed doors.

CDPQ Infra, the arm of the Caisse de depot that oversees the REM, said in a statement that "...what is important first and foremost is that the user experience be optimal from the first passage. When we are certain of this, we will be pleased to communicate a specific date, but it is fast approaching."

Officials say they are trying to avoid the troubles Ottawa had with its train system, the LRT.

After several delays, the LRT finally opened in September 2019—a year and a half late. Since then, it's been plagued by problems, frustrating Ottawa transit users.

"They did a major mistake of opening before it was ready. And once people have a sour note in the back of their minds, they're not going to use it," said Barrieau.

Barrieau adds that delays are to be expected with large-scale infrastructure projects.

He points to the Laval metro extension, which was two years late, and almost quadruple the original budget.