A rally took place Tuesday evening for a family that is on the verge of being deported to Cameroon.

Hilary Fuh-Cham and his wife Yvette have three children, one born in Africa, and two born in Canada.

The Fuh-Chams escaped Cameroon after Hilary was declared a chief of his tribe, and tribesmen insisted his wife and daughter would have to be circumcised.

A Catholic from a young age, Fuh-Cham decided to flee with his family instead, coming to Canada in 2007 and applying for refugee status.

Their lawyer, Stewart Istvanffy, said the Fuh-chams have a good case that is being delayed by bureaucratic red tape.

They are facing deportation on Oct. 9.

Earlier this week another woman with Canadian-born children was deported to Africa after her refugee claims were rejected.