A tornado alert released for southwestern Quebec has been lifted after two hours of tension for people throughout the province.

On their website, Environment Canada warned that residents in the Trois-Rivieres, Louiseville, Shawinigan and Berthierville-St-Gabriel areas should exercise caution as tornadoes could form in the wake of a severe thunderstorm.

The alert also warns of high winds, heavy hail and intense rain.

A tornado watch was issued for Gatineau,  as well as Lac-aux-Sables, and Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade in the Mauricie.

An alert that was issued for the Rawdon-Joliette area was lifted later in the afternoon.

However, in other areas like Sainte-Melanie in the Lanaudiere region, thick clouds and heavy rain were very much present and moving swiftly.

Environment Canada advised those in an area with threatening weather approaching to take cover immediately. 

Anyone observing a funnel cloud, swirling or flying debris or hear a roaring sound should go indoors to a room on the lowest floor and stay away from walls and windows. People in mobile homes, vehicles, tents, trailers and other free-standing or temporary shelters are advised to leave and seek shelter in a strong building. 

Social media users are cautioning the public that the storm has already caused some damages in areas -- including the collapse of some buildings and toppled trees. 

The above photo shows a house in Sainte-Anne-du-Lac in the Laurentides, destroyed by heavy winds around 1 p.m., causing slight injury to its two inhabitants, said the Surete du Quebec.

Another house in Herbertville, in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, toppled due to the wind. 

Fallen trees have also blocked off several roads. 

Severe thunderstorm alerts are holding steady, issued for the Mont-Tremblant-St-Michel-des-Saints and Laurentian regions. 

Heat warnings have also been issued for much of southern Quebec, with humidex values set to soar above 40.