The storm that swept through Quebec on Friday has left several areas dealing with the aftermath of flooding for the second time in a year.

In the town of Sainte-Marie the Chaudiere River overflowed its banks, leaving streets and basements submerged. At the height of the flooding the river was rising between four and five centimetres per hour. Part of the town’s downtown was evacuated.

“It doesn’t happen very often but more and more I guess this is what we can expect,” said resident Patrick Martel.

The region was heavily hit by this year’s spring floods, with some homes so severely damaged they had to be demolished. Martel said he had just started tearing down his home on Thursday but now must wait until the water recedes.

“We didn’t expect to have to pump out water at the same time we’re demolishing the house,” he said. “It’s frustrating, mother nature isn’t on our side.”

Ste-Marie isn’t the only town affected. Public Safety Minister Genevieve Guilbault said the Eastern Townships also suffered some flood damage.

“There was some flooding, the level of water was high yesterday but they are decreasing (on Saturday),” she said.

In Sherbrooke some residents returned to their homes on Saturday after 250 houses and businesses wer evacuated a day earlier. According to Environment Canada La Pocetiere saw the heaviest rainfall with 105 millimetres falling on Friday.

Hydro crews from New Brunswick and Detroit both came to Quebec to help restore power to affected areas.