MONTREAL -- The group representing Quebec's English school boards is again calling on the province to postpone school elections until 2021 following a recent court ruling.

In a news release issued Friday, the Quebec English School Boards Association cited the court ruling on Aug. 10 that placed Bill 40, the law that abolishes school boards and replaces them with service centres, on hold by granting an injunction.

The ruling gave English school boards the right to suspend the application of Bill 40 while a ruling on the permission to appeal the case was deferred to Sept. 14.

With school elections set to take place on Nov. 1, QESBA contends that school elections on Nov. 1 are "totally impractical," asking for an extension until 2021 and to extend the mandates of current commissioners until those elections are held.

"This is the only respectful and reasonable response to the current situation,” said QESBA president Dan Lamoureux.