MONTREAL -- There are now 3,647 people who have died of COVID-19 in Quebec, health authorities announced Tuesday, as confirmed cases in the province reached 44,197.

That’s up 51 from the 3,596 deaths reported Monday; COVID-19 cases in Quebec rose 570 from the 43,627 announced a day earlier.

The 570 new cases are the lowest daily number the province has reported since April 11, when it reported 554 new cases.

There are 1,784 people being treated for COVID-19 in Quebec hospitals as of Tuesday, up only 13 from the 1,771 reported Monday. Of those in a hospital, 180 are in intensive care, up only one from the 179 reported 24 hours earlier.

There are 2,976 people waiting for COVID-19 test results in Quebec as of Tuesday, up 293 from the 2,683 reported Monday.

The number of people in Quebec who have recovered from COVID-19 as of Tuesday was 12,497 up 452 from the 12,045 recoveries reported a day earlier.

With 22,317 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Montreal remains the hardest-hit region of Quebec; you can see a regional breakdown of COVID-19 in the province here.