MONTREAL -- There are now 2,725 people who have died of COVID-19 in Quebec, health authorities announced Friday, as confirmed cases in the province reached 36,150.

That’s up 94 from the 2,631 deaths reported Thursday; COVID-19 cases in Quebec rose 912 from the 35,238 announced a day earlier.

There are 1,827 people being treated for COVID-19 in Quebec hospitals as of Friday, down nine from the 1836 reported Thursday. Of those in a hospital, 207 are in intensive care, down 17 from the 224 reported 24 hours earlier.

There are 1,544 people waiting for COVID-19 test results in Quebec as of Friday, down 422 from the 1,966 reported Thursday.

The number of people in Quebec who have recovered from COVID-19 as of Friday was 8,928, up 255 from the 8,673 recoveries reported a day earlier.

With 18,435 cases of COVID-19, Montreal remains the hardest-hit region of the province, accounting for more than half the cases in Quebec. You can see a regional breakdown of COVID-19 in the province here.