Quebec is preparing to table its bill on marijuana legalization.

The bill could be tabled as early as Wednesday, and it will answer key questions surrounding issues including the legal age limit, how it will be sold, and what the rules will be for drivers.

The legal age for consuming cannabis is expected to be 18.

Reports suggest the SAQ will oversee distribution and the province will have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to driving under the influence.

Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois won't confirm any details, but she is making it clear Quebec expects Ottawa to hand over enough cash to cover prevention and health care costs.

“The legalization that the federal government is doing, we've got to have the money that it's going to cost the provinces to give a lot of services to the people, especially the youth,” she said Monday.

In the spring, Quebec and Ontario set up a working group as the provincial neighbours prepared for a new reality as of July 1, 2018.

Ontario laid out its pot plan in September as Quebec continued consultations to hammer out a bill of its own.