MONTREAL - Quebec engineers aren’t accustomed to being seen in a bad light, so the daily onslaught of tales from the Charbonneau Commission has put the profession in an unusual position.

In response, the Quebec Order of Engineers has set out on a mission to rehabilitate their reputation.

The order has proposed a new system in which firms will allow themselves to be audited by the order to ensure they are following rules of conduct and quality control.

The list of companies that agree to the audits will be made public.

Andre Rainville, Executive Director of the Order of Engineers told CTV Montreal Tuesday that integrity will outweigh all other factors.

“The change now is that we will seek integrity before looking at competency and price, that’s the new way of doing business in Quebec. Show me your integrity then we’ll look at competency and the right price," he said.

The order is currently investigating 300 complaints concerning illegal political financing and 30 cases are currently before the disciplinary board, but not a single sanction has, as of yet, been ordered.