Quebec is reporting 117 fewer people are in hospital to be treated for COVID-19, a remaining total of 3,153 people.

Intensive care admissions are down by 17, for a total of 235 people receiving care.

Of the new hospitalizations, 11 are under the age of four (an age group not eligible for vaccination) and two are between the ages of five and 11.

An additional 28 people under the age of 59 and 34 aged 60 and older are unvaccinated or received their first dose less than 14 days ago.

Seven people under the age of 59 and four aged 60 and older have one dose of vaccine, while 27 people under the age of 59 and 54 aged 60 and older received their second dose of vaccine more than seven days ago.

Five people under the age of 59 and 59 aged 60 and older received their third dose more than seven days ago.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé points out vaccination does not completely prevent infection, but it does decrease the risk of dire consequences.

The province's health officials also confirmed 56 more deaths, a total of 13,065.

The number of active infections is now 45,257, with 1,540 outbreaks.

The province's seven-day average is 4,368.

To date, 791,198 people have recovered from the illness.

On Jan. 25, a total of 34,830 samples were analyzed.

Quebec is reporting 3,956 new recorded COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 849,520 since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 23,081 rapid tests have been self-declared since the online portal opened. Of those tests, a total of 18,271 positive results were registered.

Wednesday, 1,813 were reported, with 1,153 of them positive.

Quebec is encouraging people to declare the status of their at-home rapid test so officials can get a clearer picture of infection levels in the province.


Quebec's health care professionals administered 84,663 more vaccinations in the province; 78,789 doses in the last 24 hours and 5,874 doses before Jan. 26 for a total of 17,422,616 doses.

Outside Quebec, 271,922 doses were given, for a cumulative total of 17,694,538.

As of Jan. 26, a total of 7,362,269 Quebecers, or 90 per cent of the eligible population aged five and up, have received their first dose of a vaccine and 6,805,306 people, or 83 per cent, have received two.

Of those eligible for a third dose, 3,454,868 Quebecers, or 42 per cent, have received it.