MONTREAL -- There are 342 new COVID-19 cases, but no new deaths in the province as of Sunday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said at his daily news conference in Quebec City.

Legault was back at the head of a news conference along with Quebec Public Health Director Horacio Arruda for an update on the state of COVD-19 pandemic in the province.

The death toll remains at 22. Hospitalizations are up 28 in the province and now at 192. Seventy-two people are in intensive care, 15 more than Saturday.

Legault announced that more support such as additional staff will be given to those monitoring and running seniors' residences.

Without speaking about specific situations, Arruda responded to complaints that some seniors without symptoms were being kept in their rooms.

"When there is an outbreak with four people dying in the residence, it's normal for them to be kept in their rooms," said Arruda.

Legault said other province's later spring breaks was one of the reasons the numbers are higher in Quebec. Arruda explained that the curve is not the same everywhere, but the more it goes up, the longer it will take to flatten the curve so measures are important.

"Right now, everything is under control," said Legault adding that there are 6,000 hospital beds are available for additional patients. He did not want to give an official scenario of when the numbers would start to plateau.

Legault said to be careful about comparing numbers in Quebec with BC, which is a very different situation.

"For us, it's a completely different dynamic," said Legault.

A question was raised about potential burn out for health-care workers and other emergency services staff who have been put under immense pressure in the past month. Legault said the government has been monitoring the 300,000 professionals in the province closely and will be working to give them support. The government has been in contact with those that are most vulnerable to stress and burn out.

"I will make people have a rest," said Arruda. 

Legault took Saturday off and commended those that he saw respecting physical distance recommendations.

"Like many of you I had a walk yesterday," said Legault. "I had many cheers, and it's my turn to cheer Quebecers... We can see that the daily increase in cases seems to be stabilizing."

Legault added his appreciation for the province's opposition leaders, who he said he is in constant contact with.

"Manon (Masse), Pierre (Arcand), Pascal (Berube), I speak with them twice a week. They bring me a lot of good suggestions, so it is really pleasant to be working with the three leaders of the opposition," said Legault. "We are together, and I wish to thank them for their collaboration."