Taxi drivers can spend a lot on gas, but most electric vehicles don't have the range cabbies need to cover a whole shift on a single power charge.

The Tesla, however, has a lot of range. It also has a hefty price tag.

But Quebec City taxi driver Christian Roy felt it was worth the investment.

The 41-year-old has driven a taxi for 13 years but this year he decided to give up on gas.

He is now the only cabbie in Quebec to drive an electric car.

The Tesla cost him $97,000. The battery alone costs $30,000, but he says it pays for itself on every ride.

“The fact that the clients are amazed every time that makes my day,” he said.

It can go for 400 kilometres on a single charge. And that costs him about $15.

The car doesn’t need any oil changes, and Roy hardly uses the brakes because the engine does the braking.

Roy says buying the car was an ordeal -- several banks refused to lend him enough money to buy the Tesla.

Fintaxi specializes in loans for taxis and lent Roy $80,000 to buy the car.

But Roy says he is certain Tesla's manufacturer will bring the cost of the car battery down so more drivers can go electric in the near future.