MONTREAL- The appalling details revealed in the media coverage of the Luka Magnotta story have had an unsettling effect on many.

One psychologist said that it's normal for such unpleasant revelations to leave people stunned and outraged.

Many Montrealers have expressed fear, particularly since the perpetrator of the crime has thus far not been apprehended.

Dr. Pierre Faubert said that such reactions are entirely understandable.

"We often react to situations like these, when there's a plane crash, a boat sinks, we think 'no more cruises,' a car accident, especially if it's someone near us we'll be a little bit aware of that," he said. "It's linked to our instinct of self-preservation."

His advice is try not to succumb to purposeless curiosity.

He suggests avoiding overexposure and keeping children away from such news.

And those who have experienced trauma might find it particularly disturbing.

"Post-traumatic stress is defined as not just having been subjected to extreme violence but having seen extreme violence even if we're not actually there," said Faubert. "If we've had some trauma in the past, this could come up again."

On the other hand, Faubert said people must keep the crime in perspective, as it is incredibly rare and not likely to happen often.