MONTREAL - A psychiatrist will evaluate the mental state of a man who is accused of endangering lives during a downtown Montreal police chase earlier this week.

Samuel Tremblay, 19, appeared in court on Thursday where a judge ordered he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The prosecution and the defence agreed he should be sent for a 30-day psychiatric evaluation to see if he was criminally responsible for the actions of which he is accused.

Tremblay faces an array of charges, including vehicle theft, dangerous driving, impaired driving, failing to stop for police and attempted armed assault.

He was also under a court order not to drink or take drugs and wasn't allowed to drive. 

His mother told reporters Tremblay deals with mental health problems and said she was happy to hear he would be evaluated.

Tremblay is accused of provoking on Tuesday a crash that has seized Montreal headlines because of the actions of a bystander.

Erick Marciano used his SUV to shield a group of people crossing the street when a car barrelled towards them, fleeing police.

Several people could have been injured, or even killed were it not for Marciano's actions, police said.