Right-wing and anti-racist groups both gathered near Concordia University's downtown campus on Saturday morning in opposing protests.

The rallies were organized by the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens, an organization known for its anti-Muslim stances and the left-wing Resist Trump and the Extreme Right – Action Montreal.

Another right-wing group, the Soldiers of Odin, were also reportedly present. 

In a Facebook post, the CCCC said it is opposed to a “terrorist workshop” being held at the university, linking to an event called “Learn to Resist.” The event, which is hosted by QPIRG Concordia, is described as a two-day series of workshops, discussions and skill-sharing seminars to teach activists about fighting far-right movements in North America. 

QPIRG Concordia Programming and Working Groups Coordinator Jaggi Singh said the counter-protest was organized after it became apparent their event would be targeted. 

"They were trying to disrupt our conference. We learned about this in advance so we mobilized well over 200 people who were around here to prevent them from disrupting our conference and to say that our campus and community and our city is not going to have any welcome whatsoever for fascist and racist ideas."

While several skirmishes did break out between the two groups and with police, the SPVM said no arrests were made but two tickets were handed out, one to members of each group. The tickets were for "fighting" and totalled $641 each.