A judge has approved the Crown's request to withdraw charges against the last 11 people rounded up as part of a police operation called Project Clemenza.

The Crown dropped the case because it did not want to disclose the technical evidence explaining how police were able to intercept phone and text messages, often sent via Blackberry PIN to PIN.

Dozens of people were arrested between 2014 and 2016 and charged with drug trafficking, weapons possession, arson, and kidnapping.

Earlier this year the Crown stayed charges against 36 people. Monday's decision involved people charged with importing cocaine.

The investigation behind Project Clemenza, which began in 2010, was billed by the RCMP as a large blow against the Mafia which resulted in the seizure of $2 million in cash and more than 300 kg of cocaine.

About 10 people pleaded guilty to various charges before the Crown began halting procedures earlier this year.