What total incompetence.

Once again, Transport Quebec, the city of Montreal and the SQ come through as shining examples of how to not handle an emergency situation.

Let’s face it, we aren’t prepared for much. What we are good at is finger pointing.

I don’t think many Quebecers have much confidence in Transport Quebec. It’s the same gang that maintains and builds our roads. I don’t think they could organize a one-car funeral.

Now, the premier has issued an apology and has promised an investigation. The opposition parties smell blood and rightfully want the head of the transport minister.

The SQ says it will find out how its officers screwed up.

With all those calls coming into 911, the opposition wonders why the city did not spring into action quicker.

Can you imagine if someone was having a medical emergency?

It was a total calamity and we should be angry.  Just ask Marlene Berman, who was stuck for eight hours.

“It’s not just a question of furious, but a question of being still in shock,” she told CTV Montreal. “To wonder why, where was everybody? We could see ourselves on the Transport Quebec cameras, we had logged into the website, we called 911. 911 put us through to the SQ and the SQ’s response was, ‘We will get to you when we get to you,’ and they hung up on us.

“Where we the emergency crews? Where were these people? It just makes no sense.  Yes, I’m angry. I’m extremely angry.”

Hours upon hours waiting… and wondering… in a blinding storm. The people who are supposed to keep us safe should be ashamed of themselves. 

Dividing loyalties

We all know that not everyone is always equal in Quebec.

Being a minority in Quebec, sometimes we just get used to decisions that don’t make common sense. Most of the time we accept them and get on with our lives, but on this one, it cuts deep.

It’s about electoral change. The Mount-Royal riding will cease to exist. The Chomedey riding will be divided up to deny the Greek community a homogenous vote. Natural communities are being split and minorities are losing rights.

Elections Quebec listened when protests were heard from Ste-Marie- St Jacques which, face it, is pretty pure laine. 

Answers must be forthcoming and these ludicrous decisions must be overturned.

They don’t make’em like they used to

Finally this week – yes, we are a winter city. And yes, we have snowstorms from November to April.

But sometimes it feels like every storm is the first one we’ve ever seen.

It seems to take longer and longer to clear sidewalks and streets. It sure ain’t what it used to be.

City buses by the dozens get stranded in snow, not able to move. Nova buses not only aren’t comfortable, it seems they aren’t that reliable. Remember the classics?

But we are resilient and muddle through until next time, where hope always springs eternal.

Happy St Patrick’s Day