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Poor work planning blamed after Quebec worker struck by car: health and safety board

FILE PHOTO -- Daniel J. Rowe / CTV News Montreal FILE PHOTO -- Daniel J. Rowe / CTV News Montreal

Quebec's workers health and safety board (CNESST) concluded that it was poor work planning on the public highway that exposed a worker to the danger of being struck by a vehicle, resulting in serious injuries.

In its report published on Monday, the CNESST identified the lack of work planning as the cause of the injuries sustained by a worker employed by a private company in Plessisville on Sept. 6, 2023.

"At the time of the accident, no signage was in place, apart from the presence of a light bar on the vehicle carrying out the work," the CNESST points out in its report.

The worker, who was accompanied by another worker, was carrying out work on a sewer manhole on the public highway.

The work truck was parked downstream of the work area. It was fitted with a light bar that was switched on, with the rear headlights in flashing mode.

The first worker climbed down into the sewer while his colleague, with his back to traffic, prepared the tools in the truck.

It was then that the worker preparing the tools was hit by a car, seriously injuring him.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on April 15, 2024. Top Stories

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