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After three arrested at Quebec City trucker convoy, police say they are ready if more protesters return


Quebec police (SPVQ) said there were no major incidents and that the provincial spin-off of the "freedom convoy" outside of the National Assembly was peaceful over the weekend.

SPVQ officers handed out 122 general infractions, 48 parking tickets, and arrested three people on Saturday. One vehicle was towed.

SPVQ chief Denis Turcotte and assistant director Andre Turcotte held a news conference Monday morning to break down their actions when convoys of trucks descended on the provincial capital in protest of Quebec's health measures.

"I want to underline the excellent work of the police officers, their ability to have anticipated the situation we were facing," said the police chief. "I think we can say that we achieved the objectives we set for ourselves."

Police say they handed out 50 tickets for disorderly conduct, including excessive horn blowing, 72 for road infractions and 48 parking tickets.

One person was charged with obstruction, one was on a previous warrant, and police did not say what the third arrest was.

The Quebec protest lasted four days and resulted in no major incidents.

Organizers Bernard "Rambo" Gauthier heeded police warnings to leave on Sunday or face further fines or worse.

Gauthier said he would return in two weeks.

Police allowed trucks to park on René-Lévesque Boulevard to balance the right to protest, while avoiding having the city shut down. A number of officers on the ground said on the weekend that they didn't want what happened in Ottawa to take place in Quebec City.

Denis Turcotte said the force is ready for any further protests. 

"If another protest happens, we'll respond," he said.

Quebec Premier François Legault made a point on Sunday evening of congratulating the police for their work.

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