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Police investigating after video shows cyclist crashing into girl crossing street to catch school bus


WARNING: This story contains video some may find distressing. 

Montreal police (SPVM) confirmed Friday that it has opened an investigation after a video on social media showed a cyclist plowing into a four-year-old girl who was crossing the street to catch her school bus.

Police spokesperson Sabrina Gauthier told CTV News that officers are trying to locate the cyclist to gather more information about what happened.

The video has prompted calls for cyclists to be more attentive on the road since the school bus' flashing stop sign was extended.

The incident happened on Jeanne-Mance Street in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood.

The video shows the girl looking to her right for oncoming cars before being struck by the cyclist, who was riding down the bike lane from the left.

Both the cyclist and the girl fall to the ground before getting up on their own.

Local resident Mayer Feig posted the video to social media after a friend sent it to him and wrote in a post this was not the first time he has seen this happen in the neighbourhood.

The Quebec Highway Safety Code states that, like cars, cyclists must stop at least five metres away when a school bus stop sign is extended and flashing.

Drivers who are caught violating the law can face fines starting at $200 and nine demerit points, while cyclists could be fined $80 or more.

Mayor Valerie Plante reacted to the video on Friday, telling reporters it's a good reminder about following the rules of the road "whether you're in your car, on your bike, walking, you know. You need to respect the light, it's very important," she said.

"I like to remind everybody also about the principle of being really aware of the most vulnerable [people] of the public space. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable, and then cyclists, and people in cars and trucks and everything else. So, we need to be very vigilant and, you know what, summer is starting, everybody is out wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather, so let's be very cautious."

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