MONTREAL -- Quebec provincial police on Wednesday announced that four suspects have been arrested in the murders of four men linked to Montreal's Mafia. 

Police arrested Jonathan Massari, 38; Dominico Scarfo, 47; Guy Dion, 48; and Marie-Josee Viau, 44, in connection with the slayings of Rocco Sollecito, Vincenzo Falduto, Giuseppe Falduto and Lorenzo Giordano. All four were killed in 2016.

The Journal de Montreal reported Wednesday that one of the suspects, Dion, was a firefighter. He was the director of the Saint-Jude Fire Department, a municipality East of Montreal, the newspaper reported. 

Investigators say the arrests followed raids last month in Laval and in Nova Scotia. Among the items seized during the raids:

  • 19 rifles
  • 6 handguns
  • 3 automatic weapons
  • Two silencers and around 200 boxes of ammunition
  • bomb-making devices
  • 10 detonators
  • the motorcycle that investigators say was used in the murder of Sollecito

Police say the arrests were part of an investigation called Projet Premediter that was launched in January and involved more than 100 officers from the SQ's Escouade national sur la repression du crime organise (ENRCO) and its Service des enquetes sur les crimes contre la personne, as well as the Service des crime majeurs et du crime organise of the Montreal Police department.

Police said the Projet Premediter investigation is continuing and that more arrests are possible.