MONTREAL -- New Jersey Devils defenceman P.K. Subban has shared a video to motivate children who are feeling stifled due to COVID-19 public-health measures.

Subban - still beloved by many in Montreal for his six seasons on the blue line with the Montreal Canadiens - was specifically giving a shout out to children, parents, nurses and doctors of the Montreal Children's Hospital, with whom he has had a fundraising partnership over the past several years, one that has continued even after he was traded to the Nashvilel Predators in 2016.

"You guys have been on my mind and my heart," Subban said in a video posted on YouTube Friday by the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. "I just want to wish you all the best. Stay strong."

But he said his larger message applies to all kids who are frustrated by the extraordinary times they and their families are living in at the moment - especially those fortunate enough to be at home.

"For all those kids out there: when you're having trouble following the rules - making sure that you're self-quarantined, washing your hands, spending time indoors. When those days come, and they're tough, just think of those kids at the hospital who can't leave - who haven't been able to leave for years."

You can watch Subban's entire message above.

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