Some residents in Outremont are trying to combat symbols of hate in their neighbourhood with symbols of love.

Swastikas started showing up on Sunday night, drawn into the snow on parked cars.

A member of Outremont's Hassidic community posted photos of them on Facebook to make sure people were aware that hate messages were appearing in the area.


This prompted others in the neighbourhood to react.

A number of people began drawing hearts and messages of love into the snow on windshields.

Sarah Dorner, who lives in the area, said she took photos of the hearts and posted them to Facebook and Twitter, and drew some hearts of her own.


Dorner said it was important for her to stand by her Hassidic neighbours and believes the seemingly simple initiative sends a strong message to racists especially following the tragedy in Quebec City last week.

“The symbol, the swastika, is really a symbol of hate and it tells people that we don't want them here. That's kind of what that message is, that you aren't worthwhile. And that's not how we feel. And that's not how we want our children to feel about their friends and neighbours either,” she said.

Leaders in the Hassidic community contacted police about the symbols and they've transferred the incident to their hate crimes division.