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One too many drinks at the holiday party? Never fear: Operation Red Nose is back


Operation Nez rouge -- or Operation Red Nose, as it's known outside Quebec -- is back for the month of December. Originally founded in Quebec, the driving service helps prevent impaired driving during the holidays; and with no COVID-19 restrictions and more social gatherings, it's expecting a busy season.

"People are starting to go out again, go out to restaurants, bars and everything, and they're in much need of having Operation Red Nose to get home safely," founder Jean-Marie De Koninck told CTV News. "I believe that we will have many calls this year."

De Koninck created Nez rouge in 1984 after learning that more than half of all fatal crashes were caused by impaired drivers.

He laments that even after decades of awareness campaigns, intoxicated people still get behind the wheel.

The good news is, things are improving. De Koninck points out that, in the 80s, around 500 people a year died as a result of drunk driving -- a number which has now fallen to around 100.

But the rate is still too high, he says.

"It is kind of surprising that we still have to offer such a service because there's so many people that take a chance."

Nez rouge is looking for volunteers to help out this holiday season.

Volunteer Yannick Trudel says it's an "amazing" way to give back.

"[The passengers] are partying, they're having fun. So most of the time you're going to hear a bunch of stories, and you're going to have a blast," he said.

To use the service, call your local Nez rouge team. Then, a group of three volunteers will meet you at your location and drive you home in your own vehicle. 

Find the right phone number and learn more about the service on the Nez rouge website. Top Stories

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