A man living in Old Montreal man says he's losing sleep over the Airbnb party pad next door – and there's little he can do.

But going public with his problem has resulted in two changes.

Last August, David Blum's next-door neighbour began renting out his condo, and he says the partying hasn't stopped since.

"If I'm lucky, a mellow night is 4:30 or 5:00 a.m.," he says.

Blum recently discovered the company that owns the condo next door rents it on Airbnb for $1,000 per night.

"The listing had four beds in one bedroom, two beds in another, pool table foosball and it's advertised as 'Montreal's ultimate bachelor pad,'" he said.

Blum and his neighbours have tried everything: They've spoken to guests, and the landlord, who Blum says won't do anything.

They've had to resort to regularly calling the police repeatedly.

"Over 120 times police have gone for a noise complaint call," he said.

"We're sitting here and we hear 'woohoo!', crazy noises, sometimes they bring in speakers," he says. "We watched 20 girls walking out of the place one night in disbelief."

The city says there's not much it can do and the matter is up to the province.

"Some powers we just don't have," says Executive Committee Member Craig Sauvé. "We don't have the legal power to ban Airbnb from using any sites in Montreal. We don't have that power."

The province is doing something: as of this fall, people who rent out their properties for less than one month a year will need a registration number, and they will have to pay a 3.5 per cent hotel tax each time they rent their unit.

In the meantime, the opposition at city hall says the city can help people like Blum.

"When there's a tremendous amount of noise, people going in and out, or garbage, these are elements that a city can in fact enforce," says opposition leader Lionel Perez. "They have the powers to restrict access, to give fines, to be able to send in inspectors. They have the powers, and they should be doing it." 

On Wednesday, after Blum spoke to CTV News, Airbnb contacted CTV News to say it has removed the listing for the party pad. Montreal police also told Blum they would meet him in person to discuss his complaints.