Two residential buildings in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood have been without running water for a week, and residents say they don't know when to expect repairs.

Lily Schuleva is among those affected. She and her family have resorted to cleaning themselves with disposable wipes and doing dishes at a neighbour's home across the street.

"Our daily lives have completely changed because we don't have running water," she told CTV News on Sunday.

Last week, a pipe in the neighbouring building on Drolet Street burst. Firefighters came to turn off the water, but residents say a valve broke.

They were told both buildings use the same pipes, leaving all two-dozen households anxiously awaiting repairs.

Resident Julien Tremblay says the most frustrating aspect is the lack of communication.

He says there's a dispute over who should pay for repairs: the borough or the building's owner.

In an email sent to CTV News, the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough said it's up to the owner.

But until it's resolved, many feel they're trapped in between.

"We are lost because we have no information," said Tremblay.

Residents say the borough has refused to provide any bottled water.

CTV reached out to the borough and the city, but didn't receive a reply on when the pipe will be fixed or the water turned back on.

Residents say they're considering a lawsuit if the issue persists.