You might be blind to the dangers posed by the blind spots of large trucks, but a new awareness campaign is hoping to make you see.

In demonstrations organized by the SPVM and Controle Routier Quebec, which is part of the Transport Ministry, the dangers of the blind spot are being shown firsthand. Trucks are surrounded by red paper demonstrating which spots a driver simply is not able to see while driving a truck.

“We just want people to know how important the blind spot around heavy vehicles like this one is,” said Controle Routier Quebec spokesperson Mario Tremblay. “Because we’ve have many accidents during the last few years in the Montreal area.”

According to road safety experts, more than half of all accidents involving trucks occur because cyclists or pedestrian are in the driver’s blind spot. That’s why eye contact can be so important in avoiding accidents.

“That is what we want to make sure people understand,” said Tremblay. “If you’re not able to see the eyes of the driver, for sure they’re obviously not able to see you.”