A week after MNA Gerry Sklavounos was forced to quit the Quebec Liberal Party’s caucus due to sexual assault allegations, a rival party’s chief has denounced the National Assembly’s rape culture.

Option Nationale leader Sol Zanetti said MNAs should be forced to take a written test proving they understand the concept of consent.

“We would ask that person, the person who passes the test, would you think this is an aggression, yes or no,” he said. “We would use all the complex situations, the more complex ones, so that the person really has to have sharp judgment on those issues.”

Zanetti, whose party does not hold any seats at the National Assembly, said the test would be formulated by an ON committee after consulting with university professors, law experts and experts in feminist studies.

“When we have this test, we will propose to other parties to use it,” he said.

While MNAs from other parties have called on Sklavounos to resign his seat, he is currently sitting as an independent. Police are investigating the allegations but no formal charges have been filed.