MONTREAL -- After a brief respite due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Montreal street-parking tango - in which for six months of the year residents must move their cars from one side of the street to the other to make way for maintenance crews - is set to resume.

The seasonal street parking restrictions will take effect Friday (May 1). Those restrictions usually begin April 1 (and run through Dec. 1) but were postponed by a month this year so that people in self-isolation due to the pandemic would not have to leave their homes to move their cars.

Tickets, which have not been issued in April, will start to be handed out as of Friday for those not obeying the restrictions.

The city announced earlier this month that it was going ahead with street cleaning and pothole repairs on major arteries and then work its way to the city's smaller streets.

And motorists, take note: as the city warns on its website, the restrictions "are in effect even if the street sweeper has already come to sweep your street, as other work, such as repaving, may take place during this time."