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Montreal police ready to ticket 'mobile igloos'


Motorists in Montreal are being reminded to take the five minutes to clean snow off their vehicles or face potential fines.

The Montreal police department (SPVM) said on Tuesday that officers have already handed out multiple infractions for "mobile igloos" since the first major snowfall on the weekend.

The term "mobile igloos" refers to cars with snow still on their roofs or other parts of the vehicle.

"In addition to being dangerous, it is prohibited," the SPVM said in an X post. "Before hitting the road, completely clear the snow from your car."

Those caught driving with thick blankets of snow on their vehicle can face fines from $100-$200.

In addition, the SPVM is reminding winter drivers of the following tips:

The Montreal police is advising motorists that tickets will be handed out to drivers who do not adequately remove snow from their vehicles. SOURCE: SPVM Top Stories

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