MONTREAL -- Montreal North announced a series of new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection. The borough has the highest per-capita rate in the city with 1,153 cases as of Tuesday.

The borough has set up an emergency collaborative work unit with the regional health and social services department (CIUSSS du Nord-de-L’Ile et la TQMN) that will develop a short and medium-term intervention plan, and work to increase screening sites and more targeted population sampling.

"In addition to the many efforts made since Day 1 of the crisis, in concert with our partners on the ground, we will do everything to ensure the physical and psychological security of our citizens," said Montreal North Mayor Christine Black.

The borough will buy 2,000 non-reusable protective masks immediately and distribute 5,000 more on foot and by bike in collaboration with community organizations.

In addition, posters will be up shortly in the busiest areas of the borough, near schools and parks, and preventative phone calls to seniors not living in residences will begin.

The borough will also develop “health corridors” in the northeast residential sector, around primary schools and some local commercial streets that will facilitate easier physical distancing.

A prevention and control campaign for businesses as well as owners and tenants in rental buildings will begin to help them comply with health guidelines.

The unit will also look at the economic and social deprivation in the population and develop a public health and social services strategy adapted to their living conditions.