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Here are the Montreal Metro stations most in need of costly repairs


The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) disclosed on Wednesday the Metro stations that are in dire need of renovations.

Grading each station from A to E, a document sent to CTV News by the public transit agency shows de l'Église, Peel and Papineau, all on the Green line, as the stations most in need of costly repairs.

According to Amélie Régis, a communications officer with the STM, the stations with lower ratings, such as D and E, are where construction costs are the highest.

"This does not mean, however, that they are the most critical," she stresses. "A station could get a better rating when critical work needs to be done, but at a lower cost."

The stations rated D include LaSalle and Frontenac on the Green line, Champ-de-Mars and Henri Bourassa on the Orange line and Outremont and Parc on the Blue line.

The map shows which metro stations are most in need of repairs. Stations labelled A (green) are the best -- to E (red), the worst. (CTV News)Régis notes that work has been underway at the Outremont station since 2021 and its rating will remain the same until the work is completed.

"As for other stations, we will intervene if critical work needs to be done," she told CTV News. "We prioritize the most critical work for safety issues."

The STM estimates that it needs $560 million per year to maintain its Metro network.

"The Metro currently remains safe, but massive investments are necessary in the short and medium terms to preserve its performance and reliability," Régis said. "The current level of financial support for our asset maintenance programs is not answering the challenge."

On the other hand, the stations that received an A grade include Atwater, McGill, Préfontaine, Pie-IX and Honoré-Beaugrand on the Green line, Place-d'Armes, Laurier, Beaubien, Snowdon, Cartier, de la Concorde and Montmorency on the Orange line and de Castelnau on the Blue line. Top Stories

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