MONTREAL -- A Ville Saint-Laurent (TMR) company will soon double its production of N95 masks destined for Quebec.

Medicom's factory in the Montreal borough makes around 1.5 million N95 and standard surgical masks every day, which are sent all over the country.

Now, it will be adding 40 full-time employees and new equipment to increase production, specifically for N95s.

When it is fully up and running in March, the factory will supply 4.4 million N95s per month to Quebec.

“N95 masks will become a major product for that factory in a few weeks when the expansion is finished,” said COO Guillaume Laverdure.

In January 2021, the company was awarded a $330 million contract from the Quebec government to supply masks for the next 10 years.

“All the N95 we produce here stay in Canada and almost half stay in Quebec,” said Laverdure.

Medicom is the only Quebec mask manufacturer to be certified to make N95s in both Canada and the USA.

“Three types of raw material goes into each N95 as well as the elastic band and the nose wire,” said Laverdure.