Investigators with the province's anti-corruption unit say former mayor Michael Applebaum is at the centre of an alleged system of corruption much broader than first thought.

According to documents obtained by La Presse, UPAC's investigation focused on multiple real estate projects in the Cote des Neiges -- NDG borough.

Applebaum was arrested in June in connection with two projects, the NDG Sports Centre and a condo project near Mount Royal.

The projects allegedly involved zoning changes and bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars that transpired between 2006 and 2011

He was charged with 14 offences, including conspiracy, fraud, breach of trust and corruption in municipal affairs.

The new documents reveal the alleged corruption goes back to 2002 and continues up to last year.

The list of real estate projects investigators are looking at now includes a condo development on Jean Talon St. near Decarie Blvd. and the Vista Seniors' Home at the corner of Decarie and Cote St. Luc Rd.

The rezoning for the latter project involved Lee Lalli, a developer with alleged ties to the mafia.

The documents claim he and Applebaum are friends.

The MUHC superhospital is also part of the investigation, though the details on that aspect of the probe are not yet clear.