Maxime Bernier officially launched his campaign for the leadership race of the Conservative Party on Sunday morning in his riding of Beauce.

Bernier said he wants to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada to make the country prosperous. He pledged to pay off the debt and reduce taxes for everyone.

The former cabinet minister outlined his vision of Canada at an event at the Caztel Centre in Sainte-Marie.
He claimed to be in favour of reducing the size of the national debt as well as reducing public spending.

Bernier attacked the Justin Trudeau Liberals saying that it is “too big of a government, which spends, reduces our freedoms, and is irresponsible and indebted future generations.”

Bernier was first elected to the Conservatives in 2006, winning with 67 per cent of the vote that year and has been easily reelected since.

Bernier quickly rose through the ranks of the party, from industry minister to foreign affairs minister. He had to resign from his ministerial post in 2008 after leaving confidential documents with his ex-girlfriend, Julie Couillard.

Bernier announced in April he would seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, and filled out all the required documents last month.

Another candidate, the Ontario MP Kellie Leitch, has officially announced that she wants to succeed Stephen Harper to lead the party.

The names of MPs Jason Kenney, Michael Chong, Tony Clement and Lisa Raitt also circulating, but none of them has yet announced a final decision.

The next Conservative leader will be chosen May 27, 2017.