After failing to win her bid to be chosen as the new leader of the Parti Quebcois, Martine Ouellet is contemplating a shift into federal politics.

During the PQ leadership campaign Ouellet took a hard line on separation and linguistic laws.

She called for a referendum on separation during the first PQ mandate, and said if elected Premier she would use the notwithstanding clause to ban non-French signs.

Ouellet was one of four PQ MNAs who notably did not appear in a promotional party video at the beginning of the fall session.

In the leadership vote she finished third, behind Jean-Francois Lisée and Alexandre Cloutier.

The MNA said she has been approached by people in the Bloc Quebecois she knows and respects.

"It wasn't at all in my plan. I always worked in the field of Quebec, and the government of Quebec, professionally and in politics, so that's new for me. But I will have all the Christmas time to meet with people and talk about it and think about it," said Ouellet.

Lisée said he wished her well, whether she stayed in the PQ or not.