A Montreal man was questioned by police overnight after allegedly making a threat against the National Assembly.

Daniel Seniw, 58, is accused of posting a message on the page of a private Facebook group that the Charter of Values issue would go away if someone stormed the National Assembly with an AK-47.

Police say that is a clear reference to the May 8, 1984 attack by Denis Lortie. Lortie, a retired soldier, stormed the National Assembly and killed three people while injuring 13 others.

Lortie was trying to kill then-premier René Levesque.

Seniw was arrested Wednesday evening without incident and questioned overnight by police. The Surete du Quebec says all such threats, made online or in jest, are considered a crime.

Reached by telephone Seniw's brother was taken aback by the arrest and said it came as a complete surprise.

He added that he did not think his brother would ever take physical action, if he may on occasion succumb to the all-too-human vice of griping about politicians.