With the launch of the election campaign just a few days away, Mayors on the South Shore unveiled their wish list for public transit. 

Public transit in places like Longueuil, Brossard, and Saint Lambert is strained by population growth, and the mayors say their citizens are looking for some promises on how Quebec politicians plan to improve it. 

As more citizrens flock to the suburbs, that also means more cars and drivers, and more traffic - in fact, growth in the number of cars is outpacing the population growth.

The centerpiece of the agglomeration's transit vision is the long-awaited REM line. Construction is underway, and the mayors want to see 20 hours of service daily.

They're also pushing Quebec to go ahead with an extension of the metro's yellow line, a tramway built along Taschereau Boulevard, and more express lanes for buses in the area connected to the REM. 

The mayors wouldn't offer any figures as to what all this would cost - but they say it's time Quebec invests more to upgrade South Shore transit routes.