The Quebec government is promising to explain how its contentious religious neutrality bill will affect people on a practical basis.

Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee says the government will publish the rules on how Bill 62 will be applied.

She tells The Canadian Press she's been stunned by the intense reaction to the law that requires anyone giving or receiving state services to do so with an uncovered face.

Opponents say the bill is an attack on Muslim women, and municipal politicians contend bus drivers or library workers should not have to decide who gets services.

Vallee says the bill should be looked at in the proper context, noting most members of Quebec's legislature support the principle behind it.

Vallee says the rules she'll publish this week will layout when, where and how people will have to show their faces when using services, including transit or hospitals.

She is scheduled to speak to reporters at 10:00 a.m. in Quebec City.