After five days of deliberations, a jury has found a woman accused of killing her two daughters guilty of second-degree murder.

Jury deliberations in the case of Adele Sorella stretched into their sixth day on Tuesday.

Jurors were given the option to render several possible verdicts: guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter, non-criminal responsible for the deaths due to mental problems or acquittal in the deaths of nine-year-old Amanda and eight-year-old Sabrina.

The bodies of the two girls were founded in the family home on March 30, 2009. While there were no signs of violence on their bodies, the Crown has suggested the two may have been killed in a hyperbaric chamber used to treat Sabrina's juvenile arthritis. 

In 2013, Sorella was convicted of first degree murder for the deaths of Amanda and Sabrina but an appeals court later overturned the verdict and ordered a new trial. The jury in that original trial returned a verdict after four days.

Mention of the first trial was not permitted in front of the jury during the trial.

Sorella was transported directly from the courthouse to a detention centre to carry out a life sentence. However, a judge still has yet to decide how long Sorella will serve before she can apply for parole - somewhere ranging between 10 and 25 years.

According to witnesses, Sorella and one of her lawyers shed tears when the verdict was read.

The jury has been asked if it wants to recommend a minimum sentence. A sentencing hearing will be held at a later date.